Too Funny Thursday!

Talking about good library citizenship today!  Thanks to the teachers for being great sports to prove a point…bad library manners don’t make you look good!!

"Good manners or decide!"

Congratulations to Bryce R. – 100% AR of the Day

Books checked out today: 135



That’s the number of books we checked out this month.  Now remember, we didn’t start until the 16th…and that some classes haven’t gotten in the grove of check-out time.  I’m anxious to see how many books we circulate in September!

Congratulations to Aaron H., our first 20 point AR student.

Trevor P. – 100%er of the Day!!

Books checked out today: 243

End of the month (almost!)

Gosh, where does the time go!  It’s been a good beginning!  We’re in our second week of Library Skills!  This week we are still learning about book care and choosing the right book.  We’re reading Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians and Mr. Wiggles Book for grades K-2.  We also played a game about good library manners.  Grades 3-5 are talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction and what the “JUST RIGHT BOOK’ is by using the acronym to remember.

Congratulations to the AR 100% – Kwelib McGowan

Books checked out:  36

A member of the Good Library Manners "Club"!

Want to go on a Safari? (Montage that is!)

Went to a workshop today on Safari Montage (  The county has purchased this subscription for all the schools.  “What is it?”, you ask?  It is an access to hundreds of educational videos!  Students and teachers may login, search, and find videos for almost every subject.  Teachers, your login is the same as your email login.  Students, yours is the same as we use in the computer labs.  Please take some time and check it out…I know you will find something that will interest you!  Thanks Hall County!

Anxious to meet you!

“Meet Chief Chops O’Drool!”

Officer O’Drool is anxious to meet all the students in Grades K-2.  He has lots of things to tell everyone about how to take care of their books!  He has also brought a friend to the library…Officer Buckle!  If you would like to meet my friends, make sure you sign up for Library Skills this week.  You can become a P.E.T. officer too!  (Protect Every Title)

Books checked out:  117

National Waffle Day!

"Wonderful Waffles!"

Today is National Waffle Day!  We began the day by serving waffles to all the teachers.  Nothing better than walking in the door and smelling sweet syrup!  In the library, we served “mini-waffles”  (better known as waffle cereal!) to all the students checking out books.  Have I mentioned that Monday is National Marshmallow Day?!?!

No K-2 library skills today but 3-5 is still learning about our online catalog.  The link is:  Todays favorite subjects are cars, dogs, and cats!

Books checked out: 229

Into the Lab…

"Finding a good book is only a click away!"

"Destiny and dinosaurs..a winning combination!"

Today was our first day of teaching the online catalog (Destiny) in the lab  Grades 3-5 rotated during their Specials time.  Vampires and Diary of a Wimpy Kid seemed to be the favorite search items.  Meanwhile, Grades K-2 are learning about library citizenship and book care from Chief Chops O’Drool.

Congratulations to Keaton for being the 100%er of the Day!

Books checked out: 41

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